2024 King Sejong Institute Korean Speaking & Writing Contest

May 03, 2024

credit: korea.net

The preliminary round of the ‘2024 King Sejong Institute Korean Speaking and Writing Contest’ will be held at 248 King Sejong Institutes in 85 countries starting in May.

Not only King Sejong Institute students but also overseas Korean language learners can participate in the competition.

The preliminaries, which are conducted in two categories, speaking and writing, are held individually at local King Sejong Institutes. Afterwards, 1 to 3 excellent learners from each institute are selected and given the opportunity to be invited to Korea for training.

We ask for your interest and participation as we will select excellent learners who are selected from the finalists in the final round of the excellent learner invitation training held during the week of Hangul Day and provide them with the opportunity to study language at a Korean university.

Please refer to the poster for the competition theme and further details.


  • Students of the King Sejong Institute and foreign Korean language learners residing overseas.
  • Participants whose parents do not use Korean as their mother tongue (detailed eligibility criteria may vary by King Sejong Institute)


  • Preliminary round: Held at the local King Sejong Institute between April and July 2024. * Students who pass the preliminary round at each institute will be selected as excellent learners (advance to the final round).
  • Final Round: Held in July to August 2024. Judging will take place by category.
  • Finals: Scheduled for October 8th, 2024. *The event will be held during the period of the Korean training program for outstanding learners invited to Korea.


  • Prize 1. Outstanding learners (selected among those who advance to the final round) will be fully sponsored for the Korean training program (scheduled for early October 2024).
  • Prize 2. Winners of each category in the final round will be given an opportunity for a language study program at Korean universities

Contact information

  • Inquiries regarding preliminaries: Contact the nearest local institute directly.
  • Inquiries regarding competitions and excellent learners: speechkorean@ksif.or.kr

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