2023 K-influencer Academy

February 18, 2023

2023 K-Influencer Academy (credit: korea.net)

Want to be the next influencer for Korea?

You are the protagonist of the next YouTube creator generation to be conveying Korean culture!

Welcome to the 2023 K-influencer Academy, a YouTube training program for Korean lovers.


If you love Korea and want to be a YouTube creator, regardless of your nationality, language, or location, you are welcome to apply!


Please fill out the form below by entering your information in each section.

Program benefits

  1. Most outstanding creator: Invitation to Korea
  2. Opportunities to be on TV and YouTube content
  3. Participation in online and offline festivals
  4. YouTube channel consulting and promotional marketing
  5. Access to filming equipment and studio
  6. Funding for content production

Various benefits that support your development as a creator are waiting for you.

(The benefits of the program may vary depending on your level of participation and the situation.)

Application period

February 17(Fri) 12 PM ~ March 9(Thu) 11:59 PM, 2023 (KST)

Application form 



Are there any restrictions regarding nationality, language, or place of residence?

NO! 2023 K-Influencer welcomes everyone regardless of region and language. As long as you have the will to create content and have a YouTube account, you can become the protagonist of 2023.

Can anyone who has previously participated in K-Influencer apply again?

YES! you can apply regardless of whether you have participated or not.

Does the size of the YouTube channel affect the selection? What if I don't have a channel?

The size of your channel will not affect the selection, but if you do not currently have a YouTube channel, please make sure to create a new account and attach a link when you apply!

I run the channel as a team. Is it possible to apply as a team?

Of course! However, when applying, please provide information about only one representative.

What are the benefits of participating in the 2023 K-Influencer?

  1. Consulting on growing YouTube channel & promotional marketing
  2. Support fund for content production
  3. Access to filming equipment & studios
  4. Participating in online & offline festival
  5. Opportunities to be on TV & YouTube content
  6. Most outstanding creator: Trip to Korea

With all of these rewards above, you can form a network with friends who love Korean culture from around the world! (Rewards may vary depending on the degree of participation.)


K-influencer Academy Office (kinfluencer2023@gmail.com)

Curious about the activities of the K-influencer?

Presented by KOCIS (www.korea.net)

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