Let's Go K-Product Challenge Video Contest

November 04, 2023

credit: kita.net

Introduce your Favorite Korean Product, and get a trip to Korea!

Step 1. Choose any Korean Product

Step 2. Make your own story how to introduce the product

Step 3. Make short video and Upload in your SNS

Step 4. Submit your SNS URL

*After evaluation of the videos, top 5 participants will be selected and given trip to Korea! & top 100 videos will be given with $70 worth K-Pop albums and goods!


All Korean Product Users around the World



Oct 10th 2023 - Nov 12th 2023


Nov 17th 2033

Award Ceremony 

Around Dec 5th 2023(scheduled to take place at the '60th Trade Day' ceremony in Seoul)

*Timeline may change depending on the circumstances


Upload your video at any SNS page(YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) and submit URL and introduction of the video to the following email

*Submit at kproduct@kita net

*Introduction of the video can be written in free format


  • Introduce/ Advertise your favorite Korean Product, Your daily using Korean products, Special experience with Korean Products, etc.
  • Any Korean Product can be topic (K-Pop music, Drama, Games, Cosmetics, Consumer/ Industrial Products, etc.)


Length More than 30 sec, and less than 1 min and 30 sec

Language Korean or English


  • Top 5 selected participants will be invited to '60th Trade Dayâ' event which will be held around Dec 5th at COEX, Seoul(also tour program will be provided beforegafter the event)
  • Top 100 best videos will be selected and be awarded with 70 dollars worth K-Pop products (albums & goods)

*number of selected participants may be increased or decreased according to the result of evaluation of videos

How to Contact

Operation Hour 

Monday-Friday, 09:30~17:30 (Korean Standard Time)


+82 (0)2-6000-5204




  • All works submitted must be created by the participant, and there must be no legal problems with the use of portrait rights, copyright, intellectual property rights, sound recordings, property rights, rental rights, etc. (photos, images, fonts, etc.)
  • Submitted works will not be returned, and awarded works may be edited and reviewed to achieve the purpose of the contest to be submitted to the KITA as final reports and more
  • It is impossible to get awarded multiple times, and the winner must submit additional documents required by the organization for the award. Failure to do so may result in the cancelation of the award
  • If a thesis is found in infringe on copyright or any other rights and legel issues arise, disadvantages such as cancellation of the award, return of prizes and awards, incurring legal liability, and restirctions on future participation may occur
  • Applicants are responsible for any copyright disputes and any issues related to the submitted work
  • Submitted documents and videos cannot be altered
  • Entries that were awarded from other competitions, or that have been copied or plagiarized, will be execluded from judging and awarding. Even after winning, the prize may be returned and the selection may be canceled
  • Judging scores will be kept private, and the results cannot be challenged
  • If the selectee does not provide contact information or cannot be contacted due to errors, the award may be cancelled

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