The 4th ACC Asia Story Idea Contest 2024

June 05, 2024

The National Asian Cultural Center of Korea (ACC) is developing ACC original theatrical works by seeking ideas through this open contest.

The title of the contest is "SHARE US YOUR DREAMS" and its detail theme is "Dream Laid in the City". 

What kind of dreams do you encounter in your cities?

Dreaming alone or dreaming side by side, private dreams and public dreams,  slow dreams and strong dreams, dreams left behind, and dreams that move....

The ACC turns the pages to dig out ideas on various dreams that fill our spaces. 

Dreams in the past made cities and we are living inside those, making new dreams of our own. What would they become next?


No restrictions (Multiple apply and award is allowed)


Dreams Laid in the City

  • Traces of a city swept away by dreams and desires
  • Scenes I see when I follow my dreams, relationships made by dreams
  • An imagined dream transplanted by the city, A dream separated from the flow of the city, Dream of a future that regenerates cities


Story of ideas with 1600 letters (English alphabet, including spaces)



Apply online at, no later than 24:00, June 16, 2024 (KST)


During the last week of July 2024 on the ACC website and personal email


  • Originality and novelty
  • Expandability to the stage


Rank Number of Winners Prize Money
First Prize 1 3,000,000KRW (ca. 2,200USD)
Second Prize 1 2,000,000KRW (ca. 1,450USD)
Third Prize 3 1,000,000KRW each (ca. 730USD)
Fourth Prize 10 500,000KRW each (ca. 370USD)

※ Gross amount. All taxes will apply, if there is any.


Performance production through matching of professional creative staff (T.B.C.)


  • Entries must be your own original work, and works that infringe the rights of others or have been awarded in other contests will not be eligible for awards. If such facts are revealed even after selection, the award will be canceled and the prize money shall be returned.
  • The winners grant permission to the ACC to use the entries for theater production, duplication, editing, distribution, transmission, and performance for public interest-related non-profit purposes such as publicity, education, archiving, and so forth after the contest. The reward for these is considered to be replaced by the prize money.
  • All rights to the entries, including copyright, basically belong to the applicant/creator, but the right to perform the winning work and the right to create secondary works are deemed to have been granted to the ACC.
  • By applying this contest, the applicant is deemed to have permitted the use of the rights within the range of the usage method and conditions stated in the contest outline when winning the prize. The reward for use as material for the ACC performance development project is as follows;
    • Showcase: 700,000KRW (until the end of the showcase)
    • Regular performance: 1,500,000KRW (until the end of the fifth year, starting from the next year of the main performance)
  • Entries will only be used for contest evaluation and will not be returned. All entries other than winning works will be deleted from our storage within three months from the winner's announcement date.

For more, contact

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