2023 Hangeul Photo and Video Contest

June 26, 2023


Anyone with an interest in Korean language Korean or Foreigner, no residency restrictions)

Submission Theme

'Hangeul in Your Daily Life'

  • Photos and videos related to Hangeul taken yourself in 2023. 
  • Photos and videos of people learning Hangeul, Hangeul artwork, Hangeul signboards and products (clothing, accessories, etc.) visiting the National Hangeul Museum (NHM) and exhibitions, encountering Hangeul outside of Korea, and so on.
  • Hangeul discovered in surrounding architecture and various environments. 
*Please refer to previous award-winning works. (www.hangeulphoto.kr)

Submission Guidelines

Photo Entry Specifications

  • Photos with a minimum resolution of 3,840x2160 pixels (Printable image with high resolution)
  • Covert the files to jpg format before submitting.
  • Color correction is allowed, but other editing (eg, adding subtitles) is not allowed,

Video Entry Specifications

  • Videos with a minimum resolution of FHD (1920x1080) or higher (No restrictions on aspect ratio, including horizontal or vertical)
  • Video should be under 3 minutes, and up to 500MB in size.Convert the files to .mp4 format before submitting.
  • All kinds of editing, including subtitles, are allowed.
  • Video can be submitted with a YouTube link,

Common Guidelines for Photos and Videos

  • Each individual can submit up to a maximum of 3 for each category.
  • All photography devices are allowed, including DSLRs, smartphones, tablets, etc. 
  • The submitted works should be taken after January 1, 2023. 
  • Please refer to the FAQ section on the contest website for guidelines on compositing and editing criteria.
  • The metadata of the photo, including the date, should be accessible for verification.

Submission Schedule

Application Period

From June 16th (Fr), 2023, to August 21st (Mon) 2023, until 24:00. (Korean Standard Time)

Announcement of Results

Results are scheduled to be announced in mid-September 2023

*The result will be notified through the official website of the contest and individual contact.

Award Ceremony

October 9th, 2023, on Hangeul Day.

How to Apply

Submissions can be made through the website. www.hangeulphoto.kr

Awards and Prizes

Category Number of Winners Award Prize
Grand Prize 2 Director's Award of the National Hangul Museum Travel or Cultural Gift Voucher (equivalent to 2 million won)
First Runner-up 3 Travel or Cultural Gift Voucher (equivalent to 1 million won)
Second Runner-up 4 Travel or Cultural Gift Voucher (equivalent to 500.000 won)
Third Runner-up 9 Travel or Cultural Gift Voucher (equivalent to 200.000 won)
Honorable Mention 12 - Travel or Cultural Gift Voucher (equivalent to 100.000 won)

For overseas residents, the rewards may be changed depending on the local situation.

Matters for inquiry

Call: 070-7537-2867 

E-mail: contact@oncagency.com 

Website: hangeulphoto.kr

If you have any questions, please contact us. Business Hours: 09:30~17:30 (KST, Closed on weekends and holidays)

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