Korea Foundation Network Indonesia (KFNi) 2024

February 26, 2024

credit: Instagram @kfjakarta

Korea Foundation Network Indonesia (KFNi) is Korea Foundation (KF) Jakarta's supporter program in Indonesia.

This program seeks to facilitate the promotion of Korean public diplomacy to Indonesia’s youth through sharing social media posts about Korea’s history, traditions, culture, arts, values, policies, and vision, as well as direct communication and activities related to Korea. It is hoped that this program will build a community that helps to broaden understanding of Korea in Indonesia and enhance the relationship and cooperation between Korea and Indonesia.


  • Social media activities
    • Create an Instagram post about Korea’s public diplomacy
    • Promotes Korea Foundation programs (Koreana, fellowship, scholarship program, etc.)
  • Participate in KF events in Jakarta/ Indonesia
  • KFNI members meeting (dinner/ lunch)


  • Certificate
  • Part-time payment (for event coordinators)
  • Koreana subscription
  • KF souvenirs
  • Participation in KF events
  • Awards for the best Instagram post and the most active supporter

2024 Membership Period

25th March 2024 – 10th February 2025


  • Strong interest and knowledge in public diplomacy and Korea (University students are preferred)
  • Active in social media (Instagram)
  • Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, dan Bekasi) are residents are preferred

Selected Member

About 10 people

Registration Method

  • Write an introduction about yourself that includes:
    • Name
    • Residing City
    • Social media username (Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
    • Your skill and passion
    • Reason for wanting to be included in the program
  • Send your introduction through e-mail to marlina@kf.or.kr

Registration Period

26th February 2024 – 9th March 2024

For inquiries, please send through @kfjakarta DM or e-mail marlina@kf.or.kr.

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