The Understanding Korea Contest 2024

July 01, 2024


We are pleased to announce the Call for Essays for the Understanding Korea Contest 2024. Please review the guidelines outlined below and ensure to adhere to them when submitting your essay. Hosted by the Center for International Affairs at AKS, the Understanding Korea Project aims to rectify misconceptions and enhance the quality of content about Korea in international textbooks.

1. Essay Topics

Topics Detail
International Images of Korea - Images of Korea as presented in international instruction materials (International textbooks, Internet sites, etc.) - Proposals on how to improve the image of Korea
Notable Applications of using Understanding Korea Materials - Notable Applications of using Understanding Korea materials and proposals for new materials

  ※ Understanding Korea materials published by AKS are available on the site below.( → Understanding Korean materials)

2. Eligibility

Foreigners, Koreans living abroad

3. Submission

Submit via the official website of the Academy of Korean Studies

  • Language: Korean or English
  • Essay Length: Approximately 3 pages in A4 format

※Download the application form from the information bulletins on the Center's website and submit it.

 (Only the official form will be accepted.)

※Applications can be submitted using either Topic 1, Topic 2, or both.

4. Prizes

Title Number of winners Awards
Grand Prize 2 Award certificate presented by the Ministers of MOFA and MOE, Merchandise valued at 600,000 KRW
Excellence Prize 4 Award certificate presented by the President of AKS, Merchandise valued at 400,000 KRW
Encouragement Prize 6 Award certificate presented by the Director of the Center of International Affairs, AKS Merchandise valued at 200,000 KRW

※The awardee is responsible for all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use.

5. Application Period

June 1 - July 31, 2024, 18:00

※Applications submitted after the deadline (Korea Standard Time) will not be considered for evaluation.

6. Announcement of winners

September 25, 2024

※ The result of the contest will be posted on the Center's website and all winners will be notified individually.

7. Contact 

The Center for International Affairs of the Academy of Korean Studies

  - Email:

※ For any inquiries regarding the contest, please direct your questions exclusively via email.

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