2023 Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners

August 03, 2023

Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners

The 2023 Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners is held to enjoy Korean food as well as the Hallyu wave.

Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners Application Guide

Introduction to the contest

※ The disadvantage that arises from not checking the introduction of the contest is on the person himself/herself.

2023 #playkoreanfood_season4

The 2022 Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners

Time to learn about the taste and beauty of Korea and experience it for yourself!

We are holding a Korean food video contest this year to make Korean food not only known, but enjoyed by the whole world.

1. Competition field 

Content and Example Cookbang with Kimchi or Jang (먹방)한식을 주제로 한 먹는 영상
  • ­Kimchi made with local ingredients (Coriander Kimchi, Beet Water Kimchi, etc.)
  • Making kimchi that even foreigners enjoy (Kimchi eaten like a salad, non-spicy kimchi, etc.)
  • Cooking with Kimchi (Kimchi fried rice, kimchi tacos, kimchi pancakes, etc.)
  • Dishes using red pepper paste (Gochujang) soy sauce and soybean paste (Doenjang) (Doenjang stew, gochujang bulgogi etc.)
  • ­Introduction to Korean food (Introduction of Korean food often eaten at regular Korean restaurants) ­- Try Korean food (Try a variety of Korean ramen, etc.)
  • My own tips when eating Korean food (Kimchi that goes well with wine, Kimchi that goes well with cheese)

2. Group classification

(1) Group A

  • Account manager with more than 500 YouTube subscribers (including 500)

(2) Group B

  • Account manager with less than 500 YouTube subscribers (500 not included)

※Classified based on the number of subscribers at the time of application for the contest

※Proof of the number of subscribers may be requested during the screening process

3. Award scale

(1) (Group A) Cookbang (USD 16,000), Mukbang (USD 11,500) Total

Award Selection (By Field) 1 Cookbang (Kimchi-jang) 2 Mukbang (Korean food)
Prize money (USD) Total Prize (USD) Prize money (USD) Total Prize (USD)
Grand Prize 1 2,500 2,500x1=2,000 2,000 2,000x1=2,000
Excellence Prize 3 2,000 2,000x3=6,000 1,500 1,500x3=4,500
Encouragement Prize 5 1,500 1,500x7=7,500 1,000 1,000x5=5,000
Subtotal 9 - 8,200 - 6,760

(2) (Group B) Cookbang (USD 8,200), Mukbang (USD 6,760) Total USD 14,960

Award Selection (By Field) 1 Cookbang (Kimchi-jang) 2 Mukbang (Korean food)
Prize money (USD) Total Prize (USD) Prize money (USD) Total Prize (USD)
Grand Prize 1 2,500 2,500x1=2,000 1,500 1,500x1=1,500
Excellence Prize 3 2,000 2,000x3=6,000 900 900x3=2,700
Encouragement Prize 5 500 500x5=2,500 400 400x5=2,000
Honorable Mention 7 100 100x7=700 80 80x7=560
Subtotal 16 - 8,200 - 6,760

※ Group A (18 works), Group B (32 works)/ A total of 50 works will be selected

※ Taxes and public charges related to prize money shall apply to the winner

※ If there is no eligible person (team), the size of the award may be reduced

4. Guidance and Precautions

  1. If you do not agree to collecting personal information, participation in the contest is restricted.
  2. In the case of stealing or submission of other contest-winning works or entries, it will be regarded as cheating, and if it is awarded, it will be canceled and the full amount of prize money will be recovered
  3. The award may be canceled if the post is deleted during the contest period or after the announcement or essential items in the title are deleted.
  4. Non-payment of prize money that occurs only in areas where overseas remittance is impossible will be borne by the winner.
  5. Taxes and public charges on the prize money shall be borne by the winner. 

※ 4.4% tax and public charges are incurred

5. Inquiries

(1) Contact : Korean Food Promotion Institute Contest Operation Secretariat

(2) E-mail : hansik2023@doitco.com

Contest schedule

※ The disadvantage that arises from not checking the introduction of the contest is on the person himself/herse

1. Contest schedule

  1. Application period: August 2nd, 2023 (Wenday) - September 3rd, 2023 (Sunday) 23;59 (KST)
  2. 1st Screening: September 4th, 2023 (Monday) - September 5th, 2023 (Tuesday) 
  3. 2nd Screening: September 7th, 2023 (Thursday) - September 10th, 2023 (Sunday) 
  4. Result Announcement: September 15th, 2023 (Friday)

※ Proposal schedule and announcement date may be changed depending on internal circumstances

※Based on Korean Standard Time (GMT time difference - 9 hours)

※ Individual prize payment

2. Screening method

  1. 1st Screening : Top 30 in Group A by number of views (by field), Selected up to 50th place in B group (by field)
  2. 2nd Screening : Judges (internal and external experts) will judge based on the results of the first evaluation

※Those with less than 60 points will be disqualified from the judging, and the winners will be selected in the order of the highest score in each field.

3. Presentation method

  1. Announcement of winners: Announcement of 2022 Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners (www.playkoreanfood.com) and individual information

How to participate

※ The disadvantage that arises from not checking the introduction of the contest is on the person himself/herself.

1. Participants

Any foreign national, regardless of residence

※ Excluding Koreans – including dual citizenship

※In the case of appearing with a Korean, participation is possible if the proportion of foreign participants is more than 2/3

2. Application method

  1. Application period : August 22nd, 2023 (Monday) - September 30th, 2023 (Friday) 23;59 (KST)
  2. Application method : Upload your account to YouTube and register for the contest website (www.playkoreanfood.com)

※Both the personal YouTube channel and the contest website must be produced and submitted within the above period to be recognized.

3. Entry Specification

  1. Video production using ENG cameras, camcorders, smartphones, etc.
  2. File type : avi, mp4, etc.
  3. Image size (resolution) : 1920 X 1080 pixels or more
  4. Length: within 30 minutes
  5. Video submission file name: [#playkoreanfood_season4]_participant name_work title

4. Requried

  1. Video title : [#playkoreanfood_season4]_video title
  2. Required hashtags : #playkoreanfood_season4 #Hansik #KoreanFood #PlayHansik and other Korean food tags.

※ Use uppercase and lowercase letters in hashtags

5. Reasons for disqualification

  1. In the case of negating Korean food or using it as an overly stimulating material
  2. If it is determined to not correspond to Korean food or does not fit the purpose of the contest
  3. In case of using the wrong notation of Korean food ※Kimchi : 泡菜(wrong notation) -> 辛奇(Kimchi) (correct notation), Gimbap : Sushi/Rice Roll(すし) (wrong notation) → Gimbap(キンパプ) (correct notation)
  4. When subscriber count and view count manipulation is confirmed
  5. Non-consent to personal information disclosure, etc.
  6. Failure to qualify for participation

6. Restrictions on entry and precautions

  1. Only videos (Entries) produced and uploaded during the contest period will be recognized (based on the video upload date – Korean Standard Time).
  2. Entries are recognized only when uploading to the YouTube channel and uploading to the official site of the contest are completed.
  3. The detailed evaluation criteria and process of the submitted works are not disclosed, and the content of the award can be adjusted according to the number of submissions and the level of the work.
  4. The application period, work evaluation, and award-winning work schedule may be changed depending on circumstances.
  5. Each individual may submit up to three entries per category (cookbang, mukbang).
  6. In the case of multiple entries by one person, only the one with the highest prize money will be selected for the winning work.
  7. In the case of applying as a group, each team is considered as one person, and the prize money is paid to one representative and disputes arising during the prize distribution process must be resolved amicably within the team.
  8. The submitted work must appear in person. (In the case of an award-winning work, proof of identity must be possible)
  9. The winning video can be uploaded to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Korean Food Promotion Agency's YouTube channel, website, and SNS channel for service.
  10. Entries must be works that have not won awards in other competitions, if it is identified as a winning work, the prize will be canceled and the prize money will be recovered.
  11. If it is found that the winning work infringes the copyright of a third party, the winning prize is invalidated as well as all related legal responsibilities, including the return of the prize money.
  12. If a dispute arises for any other reason, both parties shall make a mutual effort to settle the dispute amicably.
  13. The number of channel followers must be submitted as evidence that captures the number of followers during the contest period.
  14. If the winning history of the same contest is confirmed more than twice, the prize will be limited.

Key point

※The disadvantage that arises from not checking the introduction of the contest is on the person himself/herself.

1. Offering extra points

Content 5 extra points: Cookbang with Kimchi or Jang 3 extra points: Leverage shortform channels
1. kimchijjim 2. Kimchi made with local ingredients (Coriander Kimchi) 3. kimchi tacos 4. kimchi pancakes 5. gochujangbulgogi 6. doenjangjjigae Additional points will be given when uploading regular videos and shortforms to YouTube

2. Hansik Foreign Language Notation

More diverse Korean foreign language notation can be found on the website of the Korean Food Promotion Institute.

▶ Go on the website website

Content 한국어 English 日本語 中文(繁體)
김치 kimchi キムチキ 辛奇
고추장 gochujang コチュジャン 辣椒醬
간장 ganjang カンジャン 醬油
된장 doenjang テンジャン 大醬
김밥 gimbap キンパプ 紫菜捲飯
불고기 bulgogi プルゴギ 烤牛肉
두부김치 dubukimchi 豆腐キムチ 炒辛奇豆腐
만두 mandu 餃子 餃子

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