Annyeong ASEAN Infographic Contest 2023

August 10, 2023

In conjunction with ASEAN Day today, the 8th of August, AYNK is collaborating with the ASEAN Korea Centre (AKC) for the third Annyeong ASEAN Contest in the form of an infographic!

Annyeong ASEAN is an annual project organized by the ASEAN Youth Network in Korea (AYNK) in collaboration with the ASEAN Korea Centre (AKC) and with the support of various ASEAN Students' Associations in ROK. This year, the Annyeong ASEAN competition is in the form of an infographic with the theme, "Forging String Bonds: The ASEAN-Republic of Korea Partnership". 

Through this theme, participants are expected to convey interesting data, knowledge, and information about the relationship between ROK and ASEAN through developing interesting graphic visual representations. It may cover any aspect of ASEAN-Korea relations including but not limited to economic partnership, tourism, governance, mutual perceptions, culture and history, people-to-people exchanges, and more.

Annyeong ASEAN 2023 is a group contest. Each group must consist of a minimum member of 2 persons and a maximum of 3 persons and must comprise AT LEAST 1 ASEAN youth and 1 Korean youth. The contest is open to students of ASEAN (full-time or exchange) and Korean (full-time only) nationalities, who are currently enrolled in Korean universities.


  • Entry Submission Period: 8th August 2023 - 30th September 2023
  • Evaluation Period: 30th September - 4th November 2023 (divided into 2 evaluation rounds)
  • Announcement of Winners: 13th November 2023


Open to all university students of ASEAN and Korean nationality based in Korea. "Group participation only which comprises at least 1 ASEAN and Korean youth (min. 2 ~ max. 3 person).



What we are looking for:

  • Visual infographics
  • Data and information about the relationship between Korea and ASEAN
  • Any topic allowed, including but not limited to economic partnership, tourism, governance, mutual perceptions, culture and history, and people-to-people exchanges.


  • Must satisfy the theme of Annyeong ASEAN 2023
  • Entry submission by completing the participation form via Google Form (QR and link in IG's aynk_official bio) (
  • Each group participant can only submit one entry
  • Must be the original works of the participant(s)
  • All sources should be referenced appropriately


  • Size: A3 poster
  • Submitted in PDF format
  • Language: English
  • Topic: any aspect of the ASEAN-Korea elation, including a short explanation of the choice of subject (max 200 words)
  • References should also be submitted in a separate PDF file


*All submissions will be processed and reviewed bha selection committee based on the following Rubric:

  1. Visual 25%
  2. Data Accuracy 20%
  3. Information Value, Flow, and Clarity 40%
  4. Content Relevance 15%


  1. Grand Prize (×2): ₩ 600.00 + certificate
  2. Excellence Prize (×4)₩ 600.00 + certificate
  3. Encouragement (×6): ₩ 600.00 + certificate

Winning infographics will be shared on AYNK and AKC SNS and showcased at the annual end-of-year celebration along with the award ceremony.


For any inquiries, shoot us a message via the following channels:


Instagram: @aynk_official


  1. Annyeong ASEAN 2023 Infographic Contest Concept Note.pdf

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