2023 Your-K Your-ASEAN Video Contest

October 19, 2023

credit: overseas.mofa.go.kr/asean-en/index.do
Hello everyone!

The long-awaited contest announcement is finally here! credit: overseas.mofa.go.kr/asean-en/index.do

The Mission of the Republic of Korea to ASEAN would like to invite ROK-ASEAN friends to join our “2023 Your-K Your-ASEAN Video Contest”

Every year, we bring two themes for you to make the video about, and we have an amazing PRIZE waiting for the winners!

The deadline for the video submission will be November 15, Wednesday, 16:59:59(Jakarta Time)

Make sure not to miss out and don’t forget to put the hashtag below! 

For more detailed information, please visit our website at overseas.mofa.go.kr/asean-en/index.do!

1. Outline 

The Mission of the Republic of Korea to ASEAN is hosting a “Your-K! Your ASEAN! Short Video Contest” aiming to promote ASEAN-Korea relations in the public sphere. We invite Korean and ASEAN citizens who can produce video content interpreting Korean and ASEAN’s spirits.

2. Themes 

  • ASEAN Nationals: YOUR-K “Express Your-K spirit!” (Example: K-FOOD, K-POP Cover Dance/Cover Song, Traveling or Life in Korea Vlog, etc) 
  • Koreans: YOUR-A(SEAN) “Express Your-A(SEAN) spirit!” (Example: ASEAN-FOOD, ASEAN-POP Cover Dance/ Cover Song, Traveling or Life in ASEAN Countries Vlog, etc) 
  • Cover Song or his/her own Written Song, etc related to ASEAN-Korea Relations

3. Who can Apply Koreans and ASEAN 

Nationals: Individual or Team (Max. 9 persons) 

4. Schedule 

  • Application October 18. 2023 (Wed)~November 15, 2023 (Wed) 17:00:00 (JKT Time) 
  • Winner Announcement November 27, 2023 (Mon) -ROK Mission to ASEAN Homepage and Social Media

※Winner Announcement schedule is subject to change 「YOUR-K! YOUR-ASEAN!」Video Contest 

5. Registration and Judging Criteria 

  • Please submit the Google Form: bit.ly/yourkyoura2023 
  • Judging Criteria: Fun, Creativity, Expression of theme, Clarity of message, Visual appeal 

※ Extra points for elements of friendship between Korea and ASEAN

6. Specification 

  • All types of videos are allowed (ex. Vlog, Interviews, Documentaries, etc) 
  • Language: English/Korean (If the videos are made in Korean, English subtitles are necessary) 
  • Running time: Up to 5 minutes 
  • Format: Ratio of the Video-16:9, 1920x1080 Pixel (FHD), MP4 formats 

7. Awards

Rank Numbers of Winners Prize
First Prize Two People/Team
(One from Korea, One from ASEAN Nationals)
$800 each
Second Prize Four People/Team $500 each
Third Prize Four People/Team $100 each

8. Contact Point for Q&A

yychu21@mofa.go.kr / adellya@mofa.or.kr

9. Note 

  • For further information including Copyright Guidelines, please find the Google Application form

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