7707 YouTube Shorts Video Contest

October 17, 2023

credit: Facebook @Korea Foundation 

7707 is looking for a content creator to win a prize of up to 3 million won!

7707 YouTube Shorts Video Contest (~11.6)

Anyone can apply regardless of nationality age, major, etc. 

We’re seeking short videos of less than 1 minute in a vertical format that showcase the charms of Korea!


  • Short video promoting Korea (choose one of the two categories below)


  • Free Topic: Video showcasing Korea’s charms (Feel free to choose a topic and subject.)
  • Designated Topic: Activities or global contributions related to environmental issues. These activities or contributions must be performed by Korea (or Koreans) or in cooperation between Korea (or Koreans) and other countries (or citizens of other countries).

※ Examples of videos that would be accepted under this year's designated topics

  • Video introducing South Korean animals and plants endangered by climate change (eg. the Abies koreana of Mt. Halla)
  • ASMR video introducing and utilizing creative recycled products in Korea
  • Vegan Korean recipe video using seasonal vegetables
  • Plogging/ beachcombing campaign vlog involving Korean citizens


  • Submission Period: October 6 to November 6, 2023
  • Announcement of Winners: November 24, 2023
  • Award Ceremony: December 1, 2023


  • 1st screening of all entries to determine award-winning entries
  • 2nd screening of award-winning entries to determine main and participation prize winners
  • Internal and external judges will evaluate entries’ subjectivity, originality, creativity, and completeness.


  • A total of 27 videos will be selected in 2 fields. Prizes include money and an award certificate.*
Classification Award Free Topic Designated Topic
Main prizes Grand Prize 1 winner (3 million won)
Highest Excellence Award 1 winner (2 million won) 1 winner (2 million won)
Excellence Award 2 winners (1 million won) 2 winners (1 million won)
Participation prizes Encouragement Award 20 winners (100,000 won)

*Certificates (entitled “Korea Foundation Presidential Award”) will only be provided to main prize winners.


  • All individuals and teams are welcome to participate, without restrictions on nationality.



  • Genre: Feel free to choose dance, song, an ad, campaign, vlog, ASMR, parody, animation, etc.
  • Language: All languages are welcome. You must submit a Korean and English script and a foreign language script if your video is in a third language.
  • Length: less than 60 seconds
  • Standard: 1080*1920 px or greater (vertical format)/ 9:16 (vertical format)
  • File Type: MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV
  • File Size: 300 MB or less.
  • All 27 prize winners are required to submit their original high-definition video files.
  • All sound sources, images, fonts, etc. in your video must not have any copyright issues.


  • When using a video editing application, entrants must verify the copyright regulations of each site (including the software, materials, etc. that the entrant uses, whether the Korea Foundation as the host organization can utilize the entry upon its transfer later on, whether the materials inside the editing application have an influence on the copyright, etc.) Only if there are no issues can the application be used.
  • The copyright details pertaining to the name of the video editing application, fonts, images, sound sources, etc. that were used in the video editing must be provided. All fonts other than handwriting must be available for commercial use. (The use of a free-of-charge Korean writing font site such as noonnu.cc is recommended.)


  1. In all fields, all individuals and teams are permitted to submit duplicate entries. However, prizes are limited to one per individual/team. If submitting a team entry, the entry should be submitted under the name of one representative, but information about the identities of all team members is required. If a team entry wins an award, the award certificate and prize money will be given to the listed representative. The award certificate will include the names of the other team members, e.g., “Heo Nanseolheon and 2 others (Yoon Dong-ju, Lee Hyoseok).” Issues related to the storage of the award certificate and the distribution of the prize money among team members are the responsibility of the entrants. The host organization does not bear any responsibility in these matters.
  2. When entering the contest, entrants must consent to the collection of individual information. If consent is not provided, the entrant will be ineligible.
  3. Entries that do not adhere to the regulations and standards of this contest shall be excluded from evaluation.
  4. Entries must be original creative works that have not been entered into other contests. In cases in which a submitted work is not original (e.g., plagiarism, etc.) or has been entered into a different contest (including entries to other contests that are overly similar to the relevant entry), or in which there is room for legal dispute, said entries will be deemed inadmissible. If such an entry is discovered after being selected for an award, the award will be canceled, and measures will be taken to recoup prize money.
  5. Entrants bear all responsibility for safety accidents that take place in the process of the production of a video; infringement upon copyright or portrait rights, damage to reputation, etc.; and disputes regarding an entry.
  6. The results of the screening and evaluation process will not be disclosed. Details regarding prize money, awards, and the number of award winners are subject to change depending on the number and quality of entries.
  7. Award-winning works may be subject to requests for subtitle correction and additional editing. Award winners are required to actively comply with such requests. Should an award winner fail to respond to these requests, their award may be canceled.
  8. Videos will be uploaded to the 7707 YouTube channel in December 2023 or the first quarter of 2024.
  9. Entrants must possess a working bank account in the name of the individual entrant or team representative. Prize money will be paid into the award winner’s account. Proxy receipts and cash payments are not permitted.
  10. For award winners located outside of Korea, prize money will be subject to the exchange rate on the day the payment is made, and the actual amount may therefore differ from the amount that was publicly announced.
  11. Award winners are responsible for public tax and duties regarding the prize money, and must bear these responsibilities according to income tax law.
  12. The copyright for an entry belongs to the entrant. The host organization reserves exclusive rights to reproduce, perform, publicly transmit, distribute, and create secondary works based on award-winning works for non-commercial and public interest purposes. Entries can be published on related websites and platforms, including the host organization’s homepage social media channels, etc.
  13. At the time of entry, entrants are deemed to have allowed to use of their entry within the scope of the methods and conditions of use in the publicly provided guidelines. Usage fees related to the copyright of award-winning works can be replaced by prize money.
  14. All changes and additions to this contest will be publicly announced on the contest website.
  15. Other matters related to this contest will follow the internal policies of the Korea Foundation as the host organization.


  • 7707 YouTube Shorts Video Contest Secretariat
    • ljy@thinkcontest.com
    • 02-6278-3135
  • Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 09:00–18:00

How to Participate

Upload your video after filling out the form here: Homepage: www.2023youtube7707.com Check out the homepage for more information.

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